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RTM Mini Courses - Training

The ABC of Hiring Remote Team Members

  • How to get started with RTMs and why company cuture matters
  • How to hire RTMs for their superpower and increase profits
  • How core values can drive your team
  • The ultimate tech stack for success with RTMs
  • How to have productive and meaningful meetings with the team
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FRBO Doors to Your Property Management Business - Free Training

How to Add FRBO Doors to Your Property Management Business

  • How to change your mindset from selling to ‘seving’
  • How to gain the attention and trust of FRBOs
  • How to master the sales follow-up
  • How to set an appointment with a FRBO
  • The 9-step FRBO process to add more doors
  • 5 effective FRBO scripts
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RTM Mini Courses - Training

The Benefits of RTMs for Business

  • The cost and skill benefits of RTMs explained
  • Options in hiring remote
  • Why a VA is not an RTM
  • Debunking 3 myths that hold you back in hiring remote
  • The processes needed before hiring RTMs
  • Why hiring RTMs is no longer optional
  • 3 mindset shifts that will improve your profit
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