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Full training and onboarding services for new team members to increase labor efficiency and grow your property management business.

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Getting new employees up to speed with the requirements of their property management position takes time and bandwidth – something not all property managers have. QuickStart is a joint program created with yesVIRTUAL, which rapidly trains new team members, making them ready-to-work and able to fill any position you need them in.

Train for any Position

Whether you want your remote team member to join your customer support team or handle lease agreements, we make sure they’re fully trained for any property management position you want them to take on.

Accelerated Learning

Through our refined training methods and streamlined procedure, we’re able to upskill new employees at a much faster rate than what they would experience by learning on their own.

Increased Productivity

Our training prepares your new remote workers to become productive members of your property management team as soon as they join, increasing your labor productivity.

QuickStart 3 Day Training Overview

  • Start-of-day with training personnel
  • Introduction to Property Management
  • Introduction to Property Management quiz
  • Property Management terminology
  • Fair housing
  • Service animals
  • End-of-the-day with training personnel
  • Service animals & fair housing quiz
  • Start-of-day with training personnel
  • Introduction to your property management software (PMS)
  • Overview of remote team member tasks
  • Entering rent payments
  • Overview of main line
  • leasing calls
  • resident screening
  • tenant
  • and maintenance processes
  • Introduction to a YesVirtual remote team member for on-the-job training
  • More intensive tasks - on-the-job training in your PMS
  • Review and assessment
  • Start-of-day with training personnel
  • Intensive maintenance - how to create work orders and extracting work orders
  • Maintenance on the job training
  • Endorsement with training personnel
  • Intensive administrative tasks - entering bills; onboarding new owners (PMS)
  • Intensive administrative tasks - onboarding new property; lease renewal
  • Administrative on-the-job training
  • Performance expectations for a remote team member
  • Review of days 1-3
  • Self assessment/end-of-day with training personnel
  • Final assessment

QuickStart 5 Day Training Overview

  • Start-of-day with training personnel
  • Administrative on-the-job training - entering bills and new leases
  • Administrative on-the-job training - onboarding a new property and owner
  • Start-of-day with training personnel
  • Maintenance on-the-job training - how to create a work order; extracting work orders

QuickStart 10 Day Training Overview

  • More intensive training on main line; leasing and tenant screening mock calls
  • Call listening and feedbacking
  • Live call with training personnel pretending to be our client
  • More intensive administrative tasks (one-on-one session)
  • Additional administrative tasks - adding invoices to in the PM software
  • Marketing new properties
  • More intensive maintenance tasks - how to create a work order (one-on-one session)
  • 1 maintenance task added (mock call and troubleshooting guidelines on dispatching)
  • More intensive maintenance tasks - how to extract and follow up (one-on-one session)
  • 1 Maintenance task added (mock call and troubleshooting guidelines on coordination)
  • Social media overview/or bdm support
  • depending on the student's company

QuickStart Training Options

QuickStart 3-Day Training

Intensive training on the basics of property management

3-day training

cover the basics of administrative, maintenance, and calls

perfect for property managers that have a training process in place, and training personnel

QuickStart 5-Day Training

In-depth training in property management

5 day includes on the job training

covers more advanced administrative, maintenance, onboarding, and call tasks

perfect for property managers that have a basic onboarding process in place for new team members, but do not have the bandwidth.

QuickStart 10-Day Training

10-day training includes extensive customizable training in property management

10-day Extensive On the Job Training

covers all aspects of property management

perfect for property managers that do not have any training and onboarding infrastructure.

What QuickStart Training Bundle is Best for me?

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