Homevault Academy Speaker Profile

Matthew Tringali - Business consultant and partner at Home Vault Academy

Matthew Tringali

Matthew Tringali is a sought after speaker and consultant in the property management industry.  He brings together his love of failure, success and teaching to ensure that he is delivering meaningful value to his audience every time he speaks.  He has worked as an EOS implementer and business consultant with a focus on systems, processes and labor efficiency.  He also coined the term “Remote Team Member” (formerly known as “Virtual Assistant”) and pioneered the first RTM direct-hire model to service the property management industry.

Matthew Tringali Speaking Profile

Jay Berube

Jay Berube is a serial entrepreneur and multiple business owner in the fields of Real Estate and Property Management. Jay currently serves as HomeVault Property Management’s Chief Growth Officer. Through the implementation of systems, funnels and processes, he provides tools, training, & one-on-one coaching for you to dominate your market and convert cold leads to closed sales. Jay works with some of the best Real Estate Agents and Property Managers in the industry to bring RESULTS.

Jay Berube Speaking Profile

Jay Berube - Business and Performance Coach, and partner at HomeVault Academy